The Irish Sea Pilot

“Producing the Irish Sea Pilot has been an enormous task . I have personally visited every harbour described, sailing thousands of miles in the process, but the undertaking has given me great satisfaction and taught me a huge amount about this incredible, and often underrated sailing area.”

David Rainsbury


The whole Irish Sea in one volume

From  the Author of Fearsome Passages, sailing writer and photographer David Rainsbury. Milford Haven to Corsewall Point, Rathlin Island to Carnsore Point and the Isle of Man. The pilot gives navigational and harbour information along with advice on tackling some of the challenges presented by these varied waters.

The aim of this website is to keep sailors informed about changes that affect navigation in the Irish Sea.

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Also by David Rainsbury

In Fearsome Passages David Rainsbury describes from personal experience how to tackle some of the most difficult stretches of water both in the Irish Sea and farther afield.

16 passages described including Jack Sound, Ramsey Sound, Bardsey Sound, the Swellies, Caernarfon Bar and Carmel Head.